Therapeutic Nutrition To Get Slimmer And Healthier

Therapeutic nutrition is a fancy term for vitamin and mineral supplements. The primary goals of therapeutic nutrition in diabetes are to slow or prevent the onset of complications. There are two main mechanisms by which nutrients can do this: lowering blood glucose and decreasing pathologic changes that accompany diabetes.

Lowering blood glucose is the result of either increased insulin function, increased insulin output, or improved energy metabolism. The main mechanism for slowing pathologic changes is to arrest oxidative damage by increasing available anti-oxidants. This will in fact react with blood sugar, so make sure you check blood sugar chart beforehand.

Vitamins and minerals
When vitamins and minerals can also be used as treatments for full blown complications. Therapeutic nutrition intended to reverse complications, such as eye disease or neuropathy, will be dealt with separately. Each nutrient summary is followed by research citations. There are certain types of research we are interested in. If supplementation of a nutrient is helpful to diabetics, we would expect research to show that there is a deficiency of that nutrient in the diabetic population.

The nutrient would have a known role in glucose metabolism or pathology protection. There may be studies showing that high intake of the nutrient helps prevent diabetes (epidemiologic studies). There would be safety evidence. Most important there we would like large, well-controlled clinical trials showing that the nutrient lowers blood glucose or slows a known pathologic process, such as oxidation. See Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Therapeutic Nutrition for Diabetes for more ideas in this area. If you are looking for more information about therapies or wieght loss program for people with diabetes then click here to read more about nutritional diet plans.