Kidney Stone Symptoms

Some of you may wonder what it is the cause of the kidney stones. Well, in fact the kidney stones are the result of the crystallization process of the dietary minerals in the urine. Actually the kidney stones do not create any pain when they are still in the kidney. People who are suffering from kidney stones often feel the pain when the stones move from the kidney and block their urethral.

The kidney stones are more often to be found in male than female. Actually it is a common condition. in many cases, the kidney stones are formed and released through the urinary track easily. The problem is when the stones are bigger than average size so that it may cause the scratch and cause pain in the ureter.

kidney stones
On this image: formation and sizes of kidney stones

The kidney stone symptoms can be the sharp pain in the back, the side, the abdomen and also in the genital area. The sharp and severe pain is very painful, the nausea and feeling want to vomit, and also the pain whenever we want to pee. If the stones which are travel through the ureter scratch the wall of the ureter, you may find blood in the urine.

So, how to avoid the condition? Well, of course we have to improve out lifestyle. Eat more fruit and vegetables that are rich of fiber. Also it is important to drink more fresh water. Doing exercise regularly is also helpful to get healthier life.