Do you think that bread makes you fat?

Bread makes you fat?

No it does not. It is not a problem in bread, the problem is on overall calorie consumption. The more you eat, the more calories you accumulate. And not spent calories turn into fat. So if you still think that bread makes you fat you will have to rethink all over again and redesign your diet. Don’t wait.

Update: If you wish to have an optimal diet and weight loss program, make sure you calculate your optimal heart rate zone before your start your training. This was your fat burn will be optimal.

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For many years now people have blamed bread for making them fat. The fact is that there is no such thing as food that makes you fat and certainly bread does not make you fat.

Why wholesome and whole wheat bread does not make you fat, but white bread makes you fat?

In theory no bread makes you fat. On the other hand – white bread has a high glycemic index and this means that it will activate your pancreas more intense. To satisfy their hunger worry digestive enzyme get available starch composed of amylose and amylopectin. The difference between the two starches is in the fact that the amylopectin molecules are larger, more open and easier to digest. Nutrients which are in its composition more amylopectin and amylose are quickly digested and absorbed faster into the bloodstream, thereby quickly raise blood sugar levels (fast, we have a lot of energy, see blood sugar levels chart), increases the secretion of the hormone insulin, which then also drop rapidly (and suddenly we no longer have the energy), we are again hungry again. Is it therefore still valid that bread makes you fat? Hungry what? Unfortunately, the body then calls for simple sugars, therefore, again after meals with a high glycemic index, and we fall into a vicious circle of the most unhealthy and fattening foods such as candy, white rice and white bread, of course. White bread is therefore even how schedules. So to answer that question finally – no, bread makes you fat is a myth.

Wholesome bread has a low glycemic index

Wholesome bread also contains up to 80 percent amylose, which transmits dishes slowly in the colon, energy is released slowly into the blood, digest more slowly, but we are so tired a long time and we have plenty of energy in the long run. Therefore many people wonder whether bread make you fat. Wholesome bread therefore has a low glycemic index and are not kept. More. If you bake wholesome or whole grain bread, it even suppresses appetite and helps to avoid excessive use of food as a result of hunger, in addition retain a lot more minerals and fiber, which take care of a healthy intestinal flora, and the very important vitamin B. Glucose formed in the digestion of carbohydrates, giving rise to pass into the cell, where it can burn. “Bread from white flour B vitamins and glucose does not go into the cells but accumulates in the body as fat reserves,” they argue in the book Health is our decision, both Bachelor of Food Engineering.

We hope this clears the question of bread makes you fat for good. Watch your diet and you should be ok.