Make home work and learn about heart disease and diabetes

Make home work and learn about heart disease and diabetes

What does the heart and diabetes have to do with each other? What does blood sugar levels chart represents? Thanks to studies conducted in the Joslin Diabetes Center years ago, we now know that people with increased blood sugar levels are thrice more likely to develop heart disease than people who don’t have diabetes. It has been found that more diabetic patients die of cardiovascular disease than from any other cause.

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Find out how this association develops and what natural diabetic supplements are being used to manage these conditions. Alternatively, read more about blood sugar where you would be able to consult a blood sugar levels chart.

Diabetes and high cholesterol

Diabetes on its own already raises the risk of a patient developing heart disease. People with diabetes (increased blood sugar levels) have blood vessels that are vulnerable to certain risk factors, including high cholesterol, hypertension and smoking. If you are not sure whether your blood sugar levels are high or low please consult a blood sugar levels chart for more information. Blood sugar levels chart is easily readable and understandable by everyone.

Furthermore, people who constantly have high cholesterol tend to be overweight, which is a top risk factor for diabetes. This is why in people who have the disease, it is not uncommon to find many of them with high cholesterol.

diabetes and cholesterol
Diabetes and cholesterol

The weight factor

Obesity and weight gain are risk factors for diabetes. Men and women who are overweight are more likely to develop diabetes than those who maintain a healthy weight. Other than genetics, it is lifestyle choice that contributes to weight gain for majority of those concerned. As such, it is possible that they do not have proper glucose control. This leads to an increased risk of developing hypertension and abnormalities in the blood, which often results to high cholesterol levels.

Natural treatment for diabetes and high cholesterol

Most people who have diabetes and high cholesterol typically use drugs to regulate and manage both conditions. However, there are ways and remedies to control high cholesterol and manage diabetes using natural treatments. If drugs are used your blood sugar levels will normalize soon after consumption of the pill.

A blood sugar levels chart is useful for measuring glucose levels and keeping track of your progress. Never use an out-dated blood sugar levels chart to prevent error.

Natural treatments for diabetes and high cholesterol do not necessarily make use of alternative medical practices. Most of these treatments consist of common sense practices. As with most treatments, prevention is always better than a cure. Type 2 diabetes, for example, may be prevented by regulating weight and maintaining a sensible diet. Controlling the level of LDL cholesterol and keeping blood pressure at a normal level has been proven to prevent problems associated with cardiovascular health by as much as 50 percent. Please find blood pressure calculator on this link to check whether your blood pressure is low, high or within normal range.

Smoking should also be avoided. Nicotine has been known for constricting blood vessels, which disrupts healthy blood flow. This prevents the proper circulation of blood throughout the body which, to diabetics, is dangerous, particularly if it fails to pump blood towards the extremities, which could increase the risk of developing foot ulcers.

Diet and dieting

A diet designed to manage diabetes and control cholesterol levels should also be used as part of a natural course of treatment. A diet plan should consist of high fiber foods, a modest amount of protein and simple carbohydrates. Foods that have low glycemic index are also important for ensuring that low cholesterol levels are maintained and blood sugar levels are regulated.

Using nutritional supplements and vitamins can also be helpful, particularly because certain nutritional are known for reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels, maintain the blood pressure at a healthy range. Vitamins also offer benefits such as strengthening the immune system and protecting the vital organs. When not certain please refer to blood sugar levels chart.

Lastly, for people who have high cholesterol levels and diabetes, the most important concern is proper education. It’s important that patients are informed of the nature of their condition and what they need to do to ensure that they minimize the risk factors. If the natural form of treatment is also preferred, it’s important that patients keep themselves informed to help them determine which therapies are best for them.

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