Septum piercing dangers and pain

Many youngsters nowadays want to get a septum piercing. The most common question before they undergo the surgery is whether septum piercing causes any pain and what are the general dangers of it.

Septum piercing pain

Septum piercing pain is usually a consequence of a surgery. It is not uncommon to experience pain after septum piercing. In fact, it is very frequent. But there is nothing to worry about if you do all correctly as it should be.

Septum piercing dangers

The procedure is fairly simple and poses no danger to your overall health. Septum piercing dangers are usually the following:

  • pain after surgery
  • pain due to infection
  • other septum piercing dangers
  • In common practice, piercings are increasingly faced with younger patients who have a pierced tongue, or the so-called piercing. Such decorate the face or mouth, a trend which aims, especially in the younger population and teenagers to express personality and, according to psychologists, to help the individual to stand out from the crowd. Despite the fact that the septum piercing causes nightmares to parents, the piercing of the tongue at the other teenagers at the frequency with which he became, the piercing ears, the most common and most stable.

    In the ‘sensitive period’ in the lives of teenagers do not think much about the consequences as far as the appearance, which does not mean that the piercing tongue ( “tongue piercing”) brings with it a possible complication.

    In parallel with the growing popularity of a number of scientific research, drawing attention to the many problems caused by piercing the tongue, lips or face.

    If you decide to piercing, you are probably prepared to pain, possible complications and the potential damage that such embellishments long-term working teeth and gums, but I recommend that before a final decision consider carefully.

    The following blog post you make note of the potential health risks to which they expose, in case you decide on piercing the lips or tongue:


    The most common side effect with respect to the fact that the oral cavity is filled with bacteria. Foreign body in the mouth only helps their reproduction.


    Especially in the process of drilling the tongue, lip or chin, often it leads to damage to the network of blood vessels that occurs as the bleeding, which extends the continuous wearing of piercing.

    Exploration carried out at a university in the Italian city of Bari has revealed the following: even 96 percent of respondents reported bleeding within 12 hours after the piercing, swelling around the wound, which lasted an average of three days after the septum piercing and mucosal atrophy.

    Pain and swelling

    Pain is a common side effect of this process. When piercing tongue may develop swelling of the damaged tongue, which in the worst case, could result in that it prevents us from breathing. Septum piercing pain is a common happening.

    Damage in your mouth

    Piercing tongue often cause damage to the lining of the sky and the wound in the sky, which leads to inflammation. In order to be safe it is recommended no to undertake the procedure if you are unsure about it. Always consult a doctor before doing septum piercing. Septum piercing can be non painful if it is done correctly.